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The importance of knowing a little about everything

There’s breaking news every day. Every day we hear about some kind of social injustice in the U.S. or somewhere else in the world. If you spend a lot of time on social media or watching the news, all this can get overwhelming. So how do you keep up with it? How can you learn more about people and the world we live in?

It’s so important to be aware of what goes on around you and what goes on beyond your circle. Of course, it’s impossible to be aware of every little thing about everything but it’s important to at least try to learn more each day. I think that in any job you have you have to be aware of ongoing issues in order to be productive. You never know how your knowledge and resources could help someone in need. Even to be a decent, functioning member of society, you have to have some knowledge of what goes on in it.

Do your research

For starters, it’s important to know somewhat of politics, economic issues and social justice issues. Even if these issues don’t affect us, we all have some kind of power to help those who are affected by it. We could always direct people to resources they can use, give donations, give advice or even just help bring light to an issue by sharing it online. I get that politics and economic issues can be difficult to understand. Even social justice issues are hard to understand if you aren’t directly affected by it. You won’t know every single thing but try to learn and gain different perspectives to understand a complicated topic.  

Also, I’ve found that if I take the time to research, I can find many resources or videos that breakdown a complicated topic. For example, many news outlets like CNBC, post short videos in their articles explaining finances and money-related stories. If I had a question about how to start a budget, there are many articles and videos that can teach me how.

I’ve also seen many university professors break down social issues so it’s easier to understand. Again, take the time to learn about something. There are so many resources like books, podcasts, documentaries, TV shows, YouTube videos that can help you learn more about a topic. Find resources and topics that interest you and delve into them. If you have questions about social inequality, look up the history, read and listen to the experiences of those who live through the inequality. You can always make time in your day to expand your knowledge. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn when you take the time to do it.

Looking at different perspectives

Along with this, open yourself up to learning about different views and looking into all sides of a story. Always look for the facts but know that everyone can interpret facts and stories differently. So be willing to listen, even if it bothers you. When you listen to different perspectives, you can understand and learn how people think. You could maybe find common ground with people who think differently.

I’ve seen that many of us tend to lecture others with our opinions and don’t take the time to have conversations. This goes back to my point of listening to people who think differently than you. Take the time to learn from them and if they are saying or doing offensive things, speak calmly and show why they’re being offensive. I’ve learned that people are more open to listen and understand when you do the same for them. Of course, you can’t make everyone feel what you feel so you should never think you can change someone. But be more willing to have conversations and fewer lectures.

…people are more open to listen and understand when you do the same for them.

Some final thoughts…

We’re living in a time where we can get free information anytime, so always take advantage of that. Of course, constantly filling your brain with information will get overwhelming. So, make time to disconnect from everything and try to keep your mind at ease. Find a balance that works for you where you are reading, listening, watching but also taking time to disconnect.

I believe that if we want to be better and better our society, we have to start by educating ourselves, sharing that knowledge and finding ways to connect with each other. Then with that, we can find ways to communicate and find solutions to problems. But we have to be willing to step out of our comfort zones and work for it. 

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