A Black woman who is working on her computer at home, exemplifying the term, "focus on your goals."

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Focus On Your Goals Right Away

People set all sorts of goals. Financial goals. Academic goals. Health and fitness goals. New Year’s resolutions, which might include all these types of goals and more. But setting a goal is only half the battle. Unless you focus on your goals, you probably won’t achieve them. 

Focus begets action. And taking action is necessary to achieve anything. So, if you want to reach your goals sooner than later, it’s important to focus on your goals right way.

Focus on your goals without delay

Just as it’s common to have short-term goals and long-term goals, it’s common to not focus on your goals right away. Sometimes, that makes sense. For instance, if your goal is to be a straight-A student in the upcoming schoolyear, there’s not much you can do to achieve that goal until the schoolyear begins. Othertimes, however, waiting to focus on your goals is illogical. We just do it because it’s normal. Or easier.

Consider New Year’s resolutions. More often than not, people know what resolutions they want to focus on well before January 1st. But they don’t start until then. They put it off until they’re “ready” or until “a good start date.” And it’s common for that good start date to continue pushing back too, perhaps until an accountability partner is able to join them. All in all, people procrastinate their starting points. Which delays the completion of their goals. Assuming they’re ever completed at all—the longer you delay starting on your goals, the more likely you’ll end up among the 92% who fail to achieve them.

So, don’t delay the start. Focus on your goals right away. Focus on moving forward; not just around the new year, but long before and long after it too. Don’t wait on others either. Your goals are yours alone. Sure, accountability partners can be nice, but they’re not necessary.

Focus on your goals. Focus on doing what you can, when you can. Don’t overthink it. Just take action.

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