A young Black man navigating a transition period.

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Going Through a Transition Period? Make Sure You Befriend Yourself

Life is always changing. And as a result, transition periods are common. Whether you’re going away to college, taking on a new job, making a larger career shift, or even outgrowing a friendship, it takes time to adjust. To fully depart from your old life and normalize your new one.

During that time, it’s easy to experience isolation. To be lonely. Which is why it’s important to do this one thing: befriend yourself.

There is one constant through every transition period: you

There’s a simple reason you might experience isolation during transition periods: No one else is going through exactly what you’re going through. You can have the most supportive family and the most encouraging friends, but no one else will get it exactly. This can make you feel alone, no matter how often you’re around people. In most cases, you’re in a mourning period that others aren’t, as even transitioning to something better means departing from something or someone you knew and loved — however much or little.

This is a key reason why it’s important to befriend yourself. You will be with you through every single second of every single transition period. No one else will. So, when you experience loneliness during these periods, you can either be your own worst enemy or your own best friend.

In and out of transition periods, maximize your alone time. Get to know your mind, body, and soul. Learn to value yourself. To prioritize yourself, even when things get busy. It will make things easier.

No, you aren’t a replacement for your friends, family, or other personal connections. But when feelings of isolation creep up, you don’t want to be a stranger in your own mind, body, and soul. And it’s far better to be your own friend than your own enemy.

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