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3 Tips On Balancing a Relationship With Your Career

I’ve been in a relationship for almost four years. I’ve also been in college, worked part-time, worked internships, produced my own work and a bunch of other things. Learning how to balance all that has been challenging at times, but I think my boyfriend and I have managed well.

A friend of mine on Instagram suggested the topic of dating and having a career and I realized that my friends always ask me how I manage with my relationship and keeping up with my busy schedule. I’m not a relationship expert and I’m not a professional with a fantastic career (yet!), but I’ve learned a lot these past few years about myself, dating and prioritizing what’s important to me.

I’ve found that it’s so important to be with someone that’s supportive and understanding. They should be supportive of all your goals, your jobs and everything you do. They should understand and know about your priorities and respect the decisions you make. They don’t discourage you from doing things you want to do or make you feel guilty for prioritizing school, work or anything you’re passionate about. It’s also important to note that you should also be the same way when it comes to their decisions and priorities. Everything goes both ways. But also know that, not everyone will be supportive and you shouldn’t expect everyone to be or try to make someone care. It all has to be genuine.

Second, I’m sure you’ve heard about how “communication is key”. It really is. Talk about EVERYTHING. Share your schedule, talk about the events or projects your working on. Talk about your goals and all the things you want to do in your career and in your relationship. For example, something even as small as if you get stuck on something at work and have to cancel plans, tell your partner as soon as you can. Then set up another date. You should try to always let your partner know what you’re doing and when you’re available.

My third tip is to always make time for each other. At the end of the day, you’re still in a relationship and that requires spending time together. Even if it’s just for a few hours, still make time to see them! Plan fun dates or just set up a time to catch up. You should avoid making your partner feel neglected by always letting them know how much you care about them and making time to see them.   

Along with all this, you should be working on building you career and doing what it takes to get what you want. You can prioritize your relationship and your career by working and dedicating time for both. You may find that you value a career more than dating, and that’s fine.

Overall, I believe it’s important to have your priorities straight and be vocal about them. Your goals and what you make time for determines who will come into your life and stay.

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