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Once COVID-19 is over, will the resources disappear too?

Even during COVID-19, which is still affecting millions of people and their respective industries, I see a bright and more accessible future. COVID-19’s impact on industries and economies resulted in the immediate digitization of new media and technology, which in my opinion has ensured a way for the world to stay connected and supported. More importantly, the pandemic’s impact on the industry benefits diversity, as access to opportunities, resources and support are now available to larger groups of people. 

I am impressed by the immediate response in the advertising space. For example, Adweek granted those recently laid off or furloughed a 3-month Digital Pro subscription and a nationwide job bank with resources. Barriers to learning and specialization are currently shattering as LinkedIn gifts its 6-months Premium subscription combined with LinkedIn Learning service, to those affected by COVID-19, to upskill.  See below.

In the end, I have hope the world will recover from this pandemic but the world we know will never be the same. This drastic change to our humanity makes me ponder if the resources that are now accessible will be taken away. It is my hope that this COVID-19 crisis brings a new perspective on the digital divide that professionals of color have historically struggled with.   

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