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A Change of Perspective Can Change Your Life

Life is filled with small annoyances. And larger difficulties. And tough hardships. All in all, life is filled with myriad obstacles, and we often stumble when trying to hurdle them. Because clearing an obstacle isn’t always about pushing yourself to go higher, farther, faster. Sometimes, clearing an obstacle means embracing a change of perspective.

Facing obstacles that refuse to go away? Keep reading. A change of perspective may be just what you need to overcome them and change your life for the better.

Your mindset can change even when your situation doesn’t

All situations change with time. Key words being “with time.” It rarely happens instantly. At work, at home, and in relationships of all sorts, situational change can be a long and often arduous process. But even when a situation doesn’t seem like it’s changing, you can change how you look at it. That’s all a change of perspective is—a mindset shift. And a change in your mindset can lead to changes in behavior that can help you grow where you’re at. And where you’re going.

Let’s say you’re slowly outgrowing a friendship you’ve had since childhood. And it’s happening no matter how much you try to prolong the relationship. That can be scary. Painful. Downright frustrating even. So, it can be easy to have a more cynical stance on the situation.

But if you remove yourself from the equation, pretending this situation was happening to a stranger who was asking you for encouraging advice, you might look at the situation through a different lens. You might go from being scared about losing a friend to being hopeful about making new ones. You may still think the loss of a friend is painful, but you may also rejoice in how long that friendship lasted in the first place.

While not easy to assume, this change of perspective may cause you to change your behaviors. Maybe you open yourself up to talking with strangers at office parties and various social outings in hopes of meeting a new friend. Perhaps you start setting healthier boundaries with your current friend, as you’re no longer afraid of that friendship ending. Either way, the change of perspective, the change in your mindset, helps you make the most of where you’re at.

And isn’t making the most of where we’re at all any of us can hope to do?

So if you find yourself in a sticky situation, take a step back. Reassess. A change of perspective may be just what you need to change your life in a positive way.

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