Three generations of black men

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A Letter to my Black Men

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Dear black men,

You are genuine. You are strong. You are compassionate. You are caring, valuable, and most importantly, authentic. I’m sorry that negative stereotypes always come back to haunt you. I’m sorry that undesirable statistics always highlight you. I’m sorry that before society even gets to know you, they judge you.

My black men…you are scary, intimidating, and aggressive. You’re scary because everyone fears your next move. Intimidating because society worries that you are educated enough to operate any business or company you desire. Aggressive because you will do whatever it takes to get to where you need to be. My black men, you are indefinably incredible. You are not lazy. You are more than just rappers, promoters, and athletes. You are doctors, lawyers, engineers, advisors, accountants, and authors. Most notably, you are treasures.

My black men, you are loved. You are appreciated. Continue to be great, and know that if no one else appreciates you… I do!


A woman who appreciates you

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